Thu. Aug 26th, 2021

    Bitstat. top is a service that offers trading signals for trading cryptocurrencies.

    Thousands of people earn money by buying crypto assets cheaper, and then selling them more expensive. In the bull market, it is easy to do this – today I bought, tomorrow I sold. But when falling, this is not an easy task, since you have to correctly analyze a huge amount of information.

    The Bitstat team has been running a cryptocurrency blog for more than two years, where news, analytics, and training materials are published. In addition, cryptocurrency signals are offered for purchase. It is noteworthy that the start of the resource occurred before the start of the toughest bear market in the history of cryptocurrencies. In recent years, the Bitstat team has been regularly giving signals even on a bearish trend.

    The most important thing: signals for the purchase of cryptocurrencies

    Every weekday, three signals are given to buy cryptocurrencies with the recommended range of the purchase and sale price of a particular coin. Almost all transactions (more than 95%) can be carried out on the largest Binance exchange, there are no pump signals for coins with a turnover of several thousand dollars. Additionally, there are signals for margin trading on Bitmex. If the market is active, the number of signals can reach 5-6 per day.

    All the signals provided are unique, developed by Bitstat analysts, there are no repostings and signals copied from other resources. The total trading experience of the team in the commodity market and forex is more than 6 years, on cryptocurrencies-more than 2 years.

    A logical justification is provided for each signal: technical analysis, charts, advice from an analyst. Thus, you get an analyzed and generalized picture of a certain altcoin and make a decision to buy or sell an asset based on the information received.

    Additionally: services for the convenience of trading

    In addition to the signals themselves, you get unique auxiliary services. For example, all the signals are combined into a single convenient table. There is no need to monitor every signal and conduct your own statistical calculations.

    The coin for which the signal is given.

    The status of the signal, which changes automatically depending on the market situation: waiting for a purchase, an acceptable price for entering or exiting the altcoin market, a closed signal.

    The current price of the coin.

    The proposed purchase range.

    Target sales levels.

    The validity period of the signal.

    For convenience, the signal table can be sorted by various parameters, and individual signals can be added to favorites.

    It is very important that the report on closed signals is open and available to everyone! The only thing is that such statistics have been integrated into the site only since mid-April. But even this distance is enough to get an idea of the work of Bitstat. top. In the future, each signal will necessarily be publicly available in the statistics section. All active signals are available only to signal buyers, but sometimes as a bonus they are published in the Telegram channel for all subscribers.

    Free Bonus: Online cryptoportfel

    The Bitstat. top team is constantly adding new tools to its website. One of them is an online cryptoportfel. Thanks to it, you get a visualized state of your investments in cryptocurrencies.

    Initially, you fill in the necessary data about the purchase of a certain cryptocurrency, and then the system automatically recalculates each asset and the total for your portfolio:

    How much are all your crypto assets worth?

    How much interest you have received or lost since the purchase.

    What is the share of each asset in your portfolio?

    After the sale of the coin, you also fill in the transaction data, and the portfolio is recalculated. In general, this is a convenient automated service for maintaining statistics on investments in cryptocurrencies. Most importantly – it is free and available to absolutely everyone who has registered on the website!

    The team responds promptly to the wishes of users. There is no specific small coin in the catalog? Write a comment, and within 1-2 days the coin will be available for adding to the portfolio. Do you have any suggestions for improving the functionality of the portfolio itself? Be sure to write to Bitstat representatives. Perhaps this is a really important adjustment, and then it will be implemented.

    Buying Cryptocurrency Signals

    At the moment, there is a limited promotion for the purchase of signals from bitstat. top. You can get a 67% discount on your subscription! The promotion can be completed at any time