Thu. Aug 26th, 2021

    The aeternity project will hold its first annual conference in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

    The aeternity Universe One conference will be held on September 20 and 21 at the famous Paralelni Polis center in Prague. This is reported in the press release of æternity.

    The aetternity team will hold lectures on the work of the platform and the use of blockchain in business. In addition, the creators of startups based on aetternity will present their projects.

    The conference program includes blocks for developers and entrepreneurs. At the same time, æternity emphasizes that anyone can take part in the event.

    “The conference is open to everyone. We would like to meet as many blockchain developers and just enthusiastic people as possible, ” said Emin Mart, Product Director of aetternity.

    500 people will be able to attend the aeternity Universe One conference. Until August 15, tickets can be purchased at a discount. In addition, æternity accepts applications for free participation.

    A week before the conference, on September 14 and 15, æternity will hold a hackathon for developers of decentralized applications (æpps). The created applications will be presented at the conference.

    aeternity is a blockchain platform for creating decentralized applications and scalable smart contracts.

    Among the innovations of æternity:

    the functional programming language Sophia, which was developed by the creator of Erlang, Robert Virding, the creator of Agda, Ulf Norell, and the former technical director of Klarna;

    p2p state channels, which process transactions between the parties and record the initial and final states in the blockchain;

    Oracle machine technology is a proprietary implementation of oracles on the aeternity blockchain.

    Since recently, the project has been accepting applications for public campaigns. Holders of the aeternity tokens can offer ideas aimed at popularizing the platform. Promising projects will receive support and funding from æternity