Fri. Aug 27th, 2021

    A delegation from the US House of Representatives will travel to Switzerland, where a working group will discuss the prospects of cryptocurrencies and especially the Libra stablecoin, developed by Facebook.

    A delegation of six representatives of the Finance Committee of the US Congress will meet with the Swiss Commissioner for Data Protection and Information Adrian Lobsiger (Adrian Lobsiger). At the meeting, the parties will exchange views on digital currencies.

    One of the most important issues will be the development of Libra stablecoin, which is being developed by the largest social network Facebook. Considering that Libra Networks is registered in Switzerland, the choice of the country for the exchange of views was quite obvious. It is also interesting that the head of the delegation was Maxine Waters, who previously called for stopping the development of Libra.

    Earlier it was reported that Facebook plans to launch the Libra project only after resolving all claims from regulators in various countries. Perhaps the project will not even be launched if the regulatory pressure does not ease. Against this background, the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance
    announced plans to launch the Venus project, which should become an “independent regional analogue” of Libra