Wed. Aug 25th, 2021

    In this article, we will analyze the cryptocurrency exchange and tell us what we know about this exchange.

    This block contains unexpected or invalid content.Attempt Block Recovery – exchange tries to protect his clients by all means, but sometimes this is not enough.

    Hackers in September 2020 managed to withdraw 1000 Bitcoins from the exchange’s cryptocurrency wallets.

    The exchange has an insurance fund that contains 5,000 Bitcoins.

    All this suggests that exchanges often crash and incur large losses.

    hackers are always looking for different schemes in order to get to the cryptocurrency wallets of exchanges.

    and steal the funds of the exchange and its customers from there. – Fully legal cryptocurrency exchange and pays money even in such seemingly difficult times for the exchange.

    The exchange also opened its second office in New York, to attract large New York investors for the purpose of paying taxes.

    Here we can say with confidence that the exchange , is a completely secure exchange and carries good intentions.

    In the future, this exchange will only become more popular and we believe that this exchange should definitely be tried, due to the features that it provides to its customers.

    Our verdict: it is a completely honest platform, here you can feel your money safe even with hacker attacks on the site, such a huge reserve fund does not exist for every well-known exchange.

    The exchange is suitable for both novice traders and investors, as well as for those who have long been associated with cryptocurrency.

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