Thu. Aug 26th, 2021

    The Utopia ecosystem is the result of the efforts of a group of technology enthusiasts dedicated to freedom of expression and privacy.

    The so-called “Group 1984″is engaged in product development. According to the authors of the project, specialists from almost all areas of IT are working on the system: cryptographers, programmers, network engineers and many others.

    Utopia is presented as a secure, decentralized ecosystem that uses a unique peer-to-peer network architecture.

    The system is as decentralized as possible. This means that there is no single point of failure, in the event of a failure in which the entire system will stop working. All personal messages and files of users will never be stored on third-party servers.

    Each user participates in the data transfer process, but only the recipient can decrypt the messages and files intended for him. Advanced encryption provides a secure communication channel for all Utopia users.

    In the Utopia ecosystem, you can send private messages or participate in a group chat, send internal “uMail” (a type of email used within the ecosystem), send voice messages, share files with friends, make financial transactions expressed in your own cryptocurrency called Crypton (CRP), and all this with complete confidentiality.

    Using Utopia, you can earn CRP using mining, which consumes a small part of the computer’s resources.

    It is important to note that Utopia is not an abstract idea, a technical document or a statement of intent. This is an existing software product, ready for use and, perhaps, so far the only cryptocurrency ecosystem integrated with its own messenger and file storage.

    Key features of Utopia:

    A decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem;

    Eavesdropping-protected encryption;

    The system is not subject to Internet censorship;

    No third-party software is used – all the necessary tools are available in the Utopia ecosystem;

    The system does not collect personal data, such as chat messages, emails, IP addresses and geolocation coordinates;

    The local storage is encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm, which protects all personal data, history and settings.

    Crypton cryptocurrency

    Crypton is an integral part of the Utopia ecosystem. All financial transactions in the Utopia system are performed in Crypton.

    The cryptocurrency is completely decentralized and thus cannot be subject to manipulation by government organizations. All transactions carried out in Crypton are final and cannot be canceled.

    Users have full control over their personal assets, since there is no third party with the right to interfere in the system processes. No one can block the wallet of a user of the Utopia system or influence it in any way. Personal transactions cannot be viewed by other participants of the system and are carried out with minimal commissions. Mining of CRP has almost no effect on the performance of the computer.

    Installing Utopia

    The project is currently in beta testing, but most of the features of the finished product are already available. To download and install the Utopia application, you need to register on the project website and choose your role in the project (beta tester, participant or promoter-you can choose everything at once, but at least you need to specify at least one direction).

    Next, you need to enter your data (login, email address, password twice, select a country and tell about yourself – the latter is optional). After all the fields are filled in, enter the captcha and click REGISTER.

    If the inscription “REGISTRATION COMPLETED” appears, it is necessary to check the e-mail box. It will contain an email with a link and an activation code.

    After clicking on the link, you need to log in to your account using the previously specified username and password. Next, you need to enter the activation code from the email and thereby activate the account:

    To download the app, select JOIN BETA from the menu on the left and click JOIN BETA TEST on the page that opens:

    Select the platform (Windows/MacOC/Linux) on which the program will be installed, and its bit depth (x86/x64), and download the desired version:

    After the file is downloaded, you need to run it and start installing the Utopia application:

    Then you need to fill in all the necessary data again and click Next (the data does not have to be the same as on the site. The site and the application are not related to each other in this regard, so the username and password may be different):

    On the next page, you will need to specify the location of the crypto container and the password to it. The same password will later be used to log in to the application. To save the account and later transfer it to another computer or restore access after reinstalling the system, it is necessary to regularly backup the container, since it stores the private key, emails, messages, transaction history and other personal information. If the container is lost/destroyed or the password to it is forgotten, it will be impossible to restore the account.

    At the last stages of the installation, the program will offer to enable mining.

    After clicking on the Finish button, the system will start generating a private key that will be stored in a crypto container.

    At the last stage of installation, the program generates the public key and the hardware identifier, which must be copied and entered on the website in turn to activate the program:

    This is how the last stage of installing the program looks like:

    In the future, Utopia is launched via a shortcut from the desktop, the login/password specified during the installation of the program is entered and you can use the program:

    The basis of the Utopia ecosystem is a messenger in which you can create your own thematic channels, participate in other general discussions or communicate directly with one person.

    At first glance, everything looks a little cumbersome and uncomfortable, but the feeling will disappear if you get used to the interface. In case there is a need to study all the functions of the messenger and the program as a whole in as much detail as possible, there is an internal help (although so far only in English) that will help to understand even the most incomprehensible moments. To start communicating and sending files, it is enough to study the messenger interface for a few minutes:

    In the messenger, you can add friends to your contact list and communicate with them directly. Or take part in general chats, but first you should familiarize yourself with the rules of discussion:

    You can transfer any files in the system, and do it in different ways, for example, send the file directly by right-clicking on the desired name in the contact list, or via the internal uMail mail:

    Idyll Browser

    Utopia has a built-in browser, apparently built on the basis of Mozilla Firefox. The help subsystem is designed in the form of HTML pages and is output through this internal browser. Those who use the Firefox browser can easily use Idyll:


    uMail internal mail has all the functions of regular email (you can attach images and other files to text messages), but it works only inside the Utopia ecosystem. In general, the interface is intuitive and repeats most of these programs:


    The internal wallet of the system differs slightly from standard cryptocurrency wallets and serves for storing and transferring the CRP between the internal addresses of the Utopia ecosystem. In order to transfer Crypton tokens to someone, you need to know their public key or the number of the cryptocurrency card (created specifically in order not to disclose your public key), but a small fee is charged for it.


    The Crypton cryptocurrency is mined by internal mining, which practically does not affect the computer resources. If the mining function was not enabled after the first launch of the application, then this can be done later through the uWallet/Mining menu:

    Next, click on the”Settings” button:

    Check the box next to “Enable Mining” and click “Save” at the very bottom:

    The mining speed in beta testing mode is approximately 0.1 CRP per hour. You can create a bot and run it on another computer and then the mining speed will increase accordingly. However, you cannot run more than one bot per computer.

    More detailed information about the mining model will be available on the main site when it is opened, along with the launch of the Utopia ecosystem. At the moment, it is fundamental to check the functionality created by the team for 6 years, in a network with thousands of users.

    There is also an Interest Rate, a monthly fee is charged for the minimum balance. The size of the issue per block, the Interest Rate and the commission in the network are now determined by the developers, but after the transfer of powers to the “reasonable part of society”, network users themselves will be able to regulate these parameters.

    Beta testing and launch of Utopia

    The beta testing phase will last about 3 months, after which the entire system will be rebooted and any data inside it, including cryptocurrency balances, will be lost. It is not yet possible to take the CRP out of the ecosystem, but the authors of the project promise to encourage the top 20 miners with the largest balances on uWallet wallets. The distribution of bonuses will be carried out after the end of the beta test